IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence

WIC is determined to organize a ceremony in memory of Herbert A. Simon and a special award will be given to WI for his momentous papers on the occasion of their tenth edition.


The conference will be collectively organized by IAT 2011 and International conference on Web Intelligence 2011 from IEEE, WIC, ACM and is completely funded by IEEE, TCII (Technical Committee on Intelligent Informatics), WIC (The Web Intelligence Consortium) and ACM-SIGART at Campus University of the de la Doua Lyon, France.

Researchers and Experts from various fields such as education, computers, human systems, robotics, engineering, Information technology, and business will be collected at a global convention arranged by IAT 2011.

They will be:

  • Inspect IAT design fundamentals and its performance aspects on different approaches.
  • Exchange their ideas on developing independent agents and multi agents in different spheres.




IAT 2011 is looking forward to promoting innovate examples and technological solutions for computing based on independent and multi agents generated from discussions and idea sharing on various aspects such as intellectual, logical, social and physical foundations and permissive technology in IAT.


Memorable Points

  • Event Location: – Campus University of the de la Doua Lyon, France.
  • Collaboration of two research communities IAT and WIC.
  • Theme based presentations will be organized on each day in any one session either by the speakers welcomed by IAT, WIC separately or will be mutually conducted by them.
  • IAT will be joined by a summer Institution which will provide the backdrop of affairs related to IAT and WIC.




The Conference invites schemes on workshops and programs on Industry day planted on new applications, new Initiatives and challenges. Acknowledged schemes on workshops and Industry day presentation will be advertised by the IEEE and will also be feasible on the site.